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orld to capture beautiful images of the sparkling firmament.It's worth it, howe▓ver, because in 2016, she won the Beauty of the Night Sky category of the International Ear

th & Sky Photo Contest (TWAN).Ye says she participated in the competition not just for herself, but for the other photography enthusiasts in China who devote themsel▓ves to the medium."There are a lot of outs▓tanding photographers in China," she ob

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serves▓, "but the language barriers and insufficient opportunities make it harder for them to be seen or heard by the outside world."These awards allow me to meet more foreign photographers and learn from them, as well as acq

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uaint foreign media and audiences with the work that Chinese photographers are producing."About▓ a year after scooping the award, her photo, Luminous S▓alar de Uyuni, was selected by NASA as its Ast

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